Native Haat Menu by MK Dabbawala

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Picture Dish Name Description Price
Aloo Kala channa Tomato in Indian Dressing salad Aloo Kala Channa Tomato in Indian Dressing salad A perfect Indian salad with aloo and kala channa in Indian dressing 110
Palak, Carrot, Mooli,Peanut Dressing salad Palak, Carrot, Mooli,Peanut tomato in indian dressing salad 110
Buttered Salted American Corn Popular snack to enjoy a Sunday evening romcom or a movie at home 110
Karela Salad Crisp Karela salad is perfect way to fall in love with the bitter side of life. 110
Hare Sprouts Palak ki Hot Salad High on nutrition and taste this salad of sprouts and spinach in the best of all the worlds 110
Stir fry Veggies in Honey Mustard Dressing Salad An interesting, tasty, rich salad of stir fry veggies in lip-smacking honey mustard dressing 110
Mere wale Khatte Meethe Aloo Salad Baby potatoes tossed in teekhi and meethi chutney to give you a taste of Kolkata. 110
Methi bhare Rajma aur Chawal A tasty and healthy twist to rajma chawal. With methi the nutritional value goes higher, without compromising on the taste of your comfort food! Served with roasted papad ki churi 140

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