MUFFAZAL LAKDAWA There are so many benefits to a family meal — it gives parents and children time to joke, chat and exchange news; it allows everyone to eat mindfully and well; it offers a moment of peace; and it can be the best way to uphold traditions.

Bitter, Sour & Salty

This monsoon, choose foods that calm both your vata and kaphadosha, says ACHARYA BALKRISHNA The rainy season appears at the commencement of the visarga period.


Sound vibrations can alter brainwaves and the state of your consciousness to help you manage stress better, points out ROHINI several ancient techniques are incredibly powerful and we are yet to fully understand how they really work.

Fasting & Feasting

During the extended period of fasting — interspersed with feasting — in the holy month of Ramzan, take special care of your food, advises MUFFAZAL LAKDAWALA With its secular heart, India seems to celebrate a festival every 15 days, or so it seems.


Sahaja Yoga is a wonderful, utilitarian ‘add-on’ to any religion, writes R VENKATESAN A Russian seeker of divine knowledge at St Petersburg in September 1995 asked Mata Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, “What is the purpose of human life?” Mataji replied, “The purpose of human life is to enter the kingdom of God.

Breathe In PRANA

We have become aware of the air we breathe as it directly affects our minds.

Yoga Sets You Free

Regular practice of yoga can do wonders for your health on all fronts, writes SHEEL VARDHAN SINGH.

Joyful Breathing

Before taking to yoga or pranayama as a regular practice, try to know what it all means in the deeper sense, so that it can be effective, advises BHUWAN MOHAN PRASAD When many yogis would meditate in close proximity all at the same time for days together, a strong energy field would get created which would attract people from far and wide.

Depression… what’s that?

AMRIT SADHANA, editor Osho Times International, explains the technique of the Osho Dynamic meditation  There were 400-plus people at the meditation event.

Holistic Fasting

MAYA TIWARI discovers the power of ‘inner medicine healing’ by holistic fasting that adds years to life  Fasting in body, mind and spirit is the primary living ahimsa practice that gave me back my blessed life.